Excell Coatings offers both individuals and corporate customers in Florida media blasting services for a wide variety of needs and industries.

Commonly known as “sandblasting,” media blasting is a process that uses various media to strip rust or finishes away from a surface to get down to the original bare metal or plastic. It’s a fast way to prepare surfaces for high-performance coatings and to create special surface textures.

At Excell, we know that pretreatment of surfaces is critical to long-lasting finishes, which is why we use this treatment prior to most coating applications.

Materials & sizes

Beyond standard media blasting, Excell Coatings offers baking soda, glass bead and dry ice blasting, as well as thermal coating removal in a 2000° burn-off oven.

Our largest blasting booth can accommodate part sizes up to 14′ x 14′ x 50′, meaning we can handle a wide variety of large industrial and architectural parts, as well as auto and marine equipment.

Common applications for media blasting:

  • Rust, dirt, corrosion and paint removal from metal parts, tools & machinery
  • Removal of burrs or tags on metal parts prior to assembly
  • Pre-preparation for paint or other finishes for wood, metal & plastic
  • Metal or wood signage

Questions about Blasting & Stripping?

Have questions about the best media blasting solution for your project? Contact us to speak with one of our experts.